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Our History

Our History

We have a long history of proven experiences and skills that qualify us to provide solid and sustainable solutions to different sectors, whether it is factories, administrative buildings or the domestic sector. Our certified engineers are always committed to providing exceptional service.



Practical knowledge building

For two years, the current CEO of IAREEE headed the knowledge transfer program between Egypt and Germany under the umbrella of the Ministry of Electricity, the Ministry of Industry and the German Ministry of International Cooperation to train trainers and refine technical and practical experience in the field of electricity generation systems from solar energy.



IAREEE was established in its start-up as a training center specialized in qualifying companies and individuals to design, install, implement and test solar power stations, and its board of directors is formed of consultants and experts in the field of renewable energy and sustainability.


Connect to The Grid

The company connected its first projects to the national grid in February, and participated with the Ministry of Electricity as an advisory member in drafting the Egyptian specifications for the specifications of the distribution company for solar energy systems.


Critical Missions

The company began to allocate critical solar energy projects and participated locally and regionally in solar energy projects of a critical nature for private developers and international grants.


Local and regional excellence

The company, in cooperation with its partners, has successfully completed its first projects of a critical nature in Egypt and the Arab region by installing Abuilding integrated PV system (BIPV) in the facades of the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank’s headquarters building with a height of 13 floors, in addition to installing the largest solar cell table above the bank's headquarters.


Local leadership

With the volume of solar energy projects in Egypt, their productivity exceeded 850 megawatts per year, and the training and qualification of the executive team for projects in the most accredited academies locally and internationally (IAREEE - RENAC- DGS) IAREEE took the lead as one of the Egyptian companies for solar energy.


Value Added

After installing 10% of the installed solar power stations in the Egyptian market, IAREEE targeted the provision of solar energy systems for the residential, administrative and industrial sectors, with complete commercial and solid technical package overcoming the biggest obstacle of perchasing solar plants of owning best quailty and Best price.

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